FlexBen is a Human Resources platform for automated, affordable, and accessible employee medical benefits.
Save time administering, processing, and tracking employee medical benefits with a customised portal.
One and only company able to customised flexi benefits with various categories and standalone outpatient benefits solution on the market for any company budget.
A panel of Medical Providers available across Malaysia.

Corporate can also opt to port over their manual claims to our program.

With FlexBen
  • Allows real-time online data being captured for informed decisions.
  • Savings on administration by just automating the coverage.
  • Stretching the Employees eligibility longer with better monitoring of the claims.
  • Online reports available on benefits utilisation.
  • Reduces Employer excess and the need to deduct salary.
  • Softcopy claims data available to audit in years to come, without the need to collect the hardcopies for filing purposes.
  • Building an app for staff benefits can be costly, you do not need to do so with our program.
Current Manual Claims Processing
  • Tedious, manual claims processing of healthcare claims and it is prone to errors.
  • Excess payout due to uncovered items causing Company to lose out.
  • Employees having to incur claims out of pocket.
  • No real-time monitoring of limits and eligibility.
  • Delay in enrolling new employees.
  • Manual handling of receipts causing issues with administration.

Flexi Benefits Program

We provide solutions to companies who would like to explore the options of adopting Flexi-Benefits program: The diversity of employee needs and the advent of technology have contributed to a growing trend towards more flexible benefit arrangements. According to surveys, flexible benefit plans continue to grow in popularity and offer employees the opportunity to select those benefits they need, while helping the employer manages benefit plan costs. As a concept, flexible benefit plans have been around for about two decades. What is new, however, is that more employers seem to be using them.

Flexible benefits are a natural choice for employers seeking to partner with employees in managing benefit plan costs.

For some organizations, a comprehensive flexible benefit plans with many benefits is the best solution. For others, a more practical approach might be to focus flexibility on three or four particular benefits. Others organizations may prefer to introduce flexibility one step at a time.

The best plan may not necessarily be the one that offers the greatest amount of employee choice while it is important that the plan design reflects the business reasons for introducing flexibility and the on-the-ground realities of the organization as well as employee demand.


FlexBen Basic Plan


suitable for any budget

This plan allows for those with Outpatient Medical Coverage to adopt our program without having to incur much costs.

Suited for SME organisation that requires an outsourcing of the medical benefits at clinical to maximise their budget.

Easy to implement with the current employee listing.

Allows you to pay based on the claims incurred.

Fees chargeable based on the headcount.

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FlexBen Corporate Plan

Designed for companies who want to provide Flexi benefits plan for employee essentials.

Allows Flex of benefits without limitations of the system.

Provides ability for your employees to even select their individual preferences.

Managing the needs and budget at the same time with the automated matter.

Availability of various benefits both on cashless and reimbursement manner.

Designing and structuring consultation is made available under the program.

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FlexBen HR Plan

Companies requiring additional support on the HR services can adopt our add on plans.

Attendance system.

Leave and MC submission and approval process.

Payslip dissemination.

HR Policies and Handbook updates to employees.

Executing employee survey.

Updating CRM updates.


Executing employee survey.

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Tool for HR
An automated employee benefits management tool to track claims.
Automate Claims
Reduce the hassle of reimbursing medical claims manually.
Real-time data
You can now get the real time data on employee benefits usage.
Digital Verification
Register at Flexben providers with an in-app QR code.
Cashless App
Scan with the Flexben app for cashless payments at providers.
Better Experience
Enhanced user experience for employees.

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